What will change by switching to New Wave Energy as my supplier?

New Wave Energy will be purchasing your energy supply in place of your current utility company. The transportation, delivery, and infrastructure maintenance/upkeep will still be handled by your local utility company. Your energy is always guaranteed and you will never be without power or heat.


Why should I switch to New Wave Energy?

There are various taxes and other charges that are included in your current utility rate, which the utility has the right to charge unless you switch to New Wave. By choosing New Wave as your supplier you will be exempt from such charges. Furthermore, New Wave Energy offers a multitude of energy choice programs which not only have the ability to save you money, but also increase your energy efficiency and make you eligible for “Green Credits”.


When I switch, what other services will New Wave Energy provide me?

When you sign up with New Wave Energy, your journey to energy savings does not just end with a signature. New Wave offers world-class customer service and some of the most reputable energy consultants in the business. Not only will you receive a free energy supply audit, you will receive free energy consultation throughout your term.


Are there sign-up fees to switch from my Utility to New Wave?

Absolutely not! Hidden fees and small print are against our company philosophy and there are NEVER any start-up fees when switching.. The sign-up and the switch over are free and seamless!

Is there any obligation when I send New Wave Energy my bills or ask for a free evaluation?

No. Every customer that sends us their bills receives a FREE energy supply audit, quote, and proposed plan to suit your needs.


What’s going to change with my bill/billing?

Nothing. You will still receive one convenient bill from your utility. The only thing that changes on your bill is the “Supply” portion. We become in charge of the Supply portion of your energy, and our rate will appear in those fields. You have the option of requesting a separate invoice from us, for your records. Same bill. Same Check. Lower Rates.


After I switch, how do I get set-up?

After a program has been agreed upon, you’re off the hook. Let the paper work and registration be our problem. When we receive your signed agreement we will register and enroll everything for you. You will receive notification from us as well as your utility about your supply switch. Just relax and reap the benefits of deregulation!


Last, but not least: How much money will I save?

This all depends and is different from customer-to-customer. Also, depending upon your utility, by participating in the deregulated market you have a unique opportunity only available in a handful of other deregulated states. By switching to New Wave Energy you will typically be exempt from other miscellaneous charges that currently appear on your bill. It’s a no brainer!