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ultimate energy savings through directly supplying discounted power and natural gas to a wide-range of consumers.

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New Wave Energy is committed to providing leading expertise and energy products in deregulated markets across the United States. As a company, we are committed to supplying our customers with the most comprehensive energy plan available to suit their individual needs. In accordance with these goals, we pledge to always use our best efforts to service and provide the most cost effective electricity and natural gas supply to all of our valued customers.


New Wave Energy’s customized energy plans offer our customers the ultimate in flexibility and savings. Unlike local Utility companies, we can offer a variety of products, options, programs, and hedges to best suit every individual energy demand that we evaluate. We have the ability to offer fixed rates, variable rates, mixed rate, and capped rate options that Utility companies cannot. We invite you to re-evaluate your individual options and rates, as the market is always taking a new shape. We pledge to always give you the most informed advice about securing the rate that best suits your needs!

*Prices and Programs subject to changes and adjustments based on market conditions and current product offerings.

Fixed Program

Our Fixed-Rate Program focuses on mitigation and protects our customers from rising energy rates and the notorious volatility of the energy markets. Limiting exposure to market factors and providing peace of mind is the goal of every organization. New Wave Energy can help your business reach this goal by delivering savings through price mitigation. You can secure a rate from 3 months to all the way up to 3 years!*

Variable Program

Our Variable Rate Program gives our clients flexibility and choice during this historic period of low energy costs. Members of this program benefit from current historically low energy prices, while simultaneously having the option to switch to a fixed rate at any time.

Mixed Rate Program

Our Mixed-Rate Program gives our customers the certainty of a fixed rate combined with the flexibility and low market costs of a variable rate. This program is attractive for customers with large usage discrepancies. Customers have the ability to choose what percentage of their usage they want to secure with a fixed rate, and what percentage they want to let ride on a market variable rate. This program is especially beneficial for school districts. It’s the best of both worlds!

Greener is better

Our Greener is better Program gives our customers the option of purchasing their electricity from green sources thus contributing to a cleaner planet and a reduction of carbon emissions. Save your bottom line and your planet. Ask us about it!