Fixed: If you select a fixed rate, you will pay the rate per ccf for the commodity of natural gas as selected. Commodity charges include estimated total state taxes and exclude Pennsylvania sales tax, if applicable.

Variable: If selecting a variable rate, your initial price will be a monthly variable rate as reasonably charged by Supplier. The price will fluctuate monthly based on Supplier's Monthly Market Price plus any adders and margins charged by Supplier on a monthly basis, and will include estimated total state taxes and exclude Pennsylvania sales tax. There is no ceiling price for our variable price product.


The Agreement will begin on a date set by National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (NFGDC), OR your current incumbent Utility and will continue for the term chosen and/or selected by Customer.


Customer has the right to cancel this Agreement at any time before midnight of the third business day following receipt of the disclosure statement by giving notice to New Wave Energy Corp within such time period by mail, phone, or hand delivery to New Wave Energy Corp at the address indicated on the Agreement or by email to or phone 1-855-998-WAVE (9283)

PENALTIES, FEES, AND EXCEPTIONS: Cancellation Fees are as follows:

(a) $99.00 for any Agreement with a remaining term of less than twelve (12) months;

(b) $199.00 for any Agreement with a remaining term of twelve (12) months or more.

Types of Cancellation:

Non-Payment – If your natural gas service is terminated by your natural gas distribution company, then this agreement is cancelled on the date that your service is terminated. You will owe us for amounts unpaid for our charges for natural gas service up to the date of termination.

Company-Initiated Cancellation – If we cancel this agreement for any reason other than for customer non-payment, we will follow applicable rules in providing notice to you.

Customer-Initiated Cancellation: If you cancel this agreement before the end of the initial term, you will owe us for amounts unpaid up to the date of cancellation and we will charge the early cancellation fee mentioned above.

Customer Move – If the customer moves from the address listed above, this agreement is cancelled

CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH SAVINGS TO CUSTOMER ARE GUARANTEED: Not Applicable. We do not guarantee savings in comparison to the rates of your Utility company.

Definition: Commodity Charge – The charges for basic gas supply service which is sold either by volume (ccf or Mcf) or heating value (dekatherms or therms).

Pricing: Commodity prices and charges are set by the natural gas supplier you have chosen. The Public Utility Commission regulates distribution prices and services.

Billing: You will receive a single bill from your Utility that includes our charges as well as the Utility's.