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New Wave Energy is committed to providing leading expertise and energy products in deregulated markets across the United States.

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At New Wave Energy, we take pride in providing reliable and affordable energy solutions across a diverse geographic footprint. Our reach extends from the bustling urban hubs of New York and Washington D.C. to the sunny peninsulas of Florida, allowing us to serve a wide range of energy needs and markets. We recognize that no two states or regions have the same energy profile. Climate, population density, economic activities, and local regulations create unique landscapes that require tailored solutions. Our decade-long experience across multiple states has equipped us with the expertise and adaptability to meet these challenges.

Whether balancing growth and sustainability or navigating complex regulatory structures, we have demonstrated an ability to deliver competitive rates, flexible plans, and quality service throughout our service areas. As we continue expanding into new territories, our commitment remains to provide energy solutions that are responsive, compliant, ethical, and consumer-focused.

Understanding New Wave Energy’s diverse geographic footprint provides insight into our capabilities and approach. Below, we outline our role across key states and major markets:

Delaware: Small Scale, Big Opportunities

While geographically small, Delaware’s rising population and robust economy have created surging energy demands. And the state’s deregulated markets provide opportunities for suppliers like us. As licensed Delaware electricity providers, we work closely with regulators and distribution companies while competing directly with other retail suppliers.

Core to our activities in Delaware is a shared vision of consumer empowerment and environmental stewardship. We actively promote the state’s nation-leading commitments to introducing smart meters, integrating distributed generation, and incentivizing renewable purchases. Our suite of options adheres to the state’s renewable portfolio standards and supports local clean energy programs. New Wave Energy translates Delaware’s bold energy goals into tangible solutions for homes and enterprises. We empower customer choice while upholding public service values around cost, reliability, and sustainability.

Florida: Adapting to Expanding Sunbelt Demands

Famous for sunshine and beaches, Florida is renowned for population growth, tourism, and increasing demand for energy. As licensed alternative suppliers, we assist in meeting the growing energy needs by offering savings and reliable supply to homes and businesses across the state. Our retail market activities emphasize flexibility and transparency. We cater to seasonal residents and migrating retirees with short-term plans and transparent pricing. Additionally, we actively promote rooftop solar solutions in line with the state’s energy economics and policies, including options for net metering.

Our customer-focused approach, backed by sound compliance practices, has earned us trust and popularity across Florida. We continue adapting our service portfolio to meet expanding energy demands in the Sunbelt region. Our geographic reach spans diverse landscapes across the Eastern and Southern United States. Our deep experience has equipped us to navigate complex regulatory environments while responding to unique consumption patterns. We achieve this through customer-centric innovation, transparency, and sustainability. Contact us today to find the right solution for your property or organization.

Maryland: Balancing Affordability and Sustainability

With a diverse landscape encompassing the bustling Baltimore-Washington corridor, vibrant suburbs, and remote rural counties, Maryland’s energy needs span scales and demographics. As licensed retail suppliers, we tailor purchasing options across these segments while working closely with distribution utilities under Maryland’s Public Utilities Commission (PSC) oversight. We additionally align our Maryland offerings with the state’s dual priorities of affordability and increased renewables adoption. Our flexible rate plans and incentive programs empower homeowners and businesses to choose clean energy alternatives while controlling costs. We also actively educate customers on optimizing energy use and making efficiency upgrades available.

New Wave Energy translates Maryland’s balanced energy vision into practice through responsive offerings, strategic partnerships, and proactive consumer engagement. We empower communities with competitive rates and sustainability solutions.

New Jersey: Meeting Complex Energy Demands

New Jersey’s location as an economic crossroads between major cities leads to soaring energy consumption across transportation, residential heating, industries, and commercial establishments. As licensed alternative suppliers, we navigate this complex arena by closely monitoring market dynamics and regulations overseen by the N.J. Board of Public Utilities.

A key focus within New Jersey is empowering consumer choice. We actively promote retail competition and rate alternatives that provide commercial and residential customers with more affordable and cleaner power. Our offerings leverage Jersey’s solar power potential and include traditional energy plans catering to differing needs. New Wave Energy uses deep market insights and compliant practices to deliver value within New Jersey’s multifaceted energy landscape. We creatively balance consumer preferences with public interest objectives around cost, reliability, and sustainability.

New York: Diverse and Dynamic Energy Needs

With dense urban agglomerations, sprawling suburbs, and remote rural areas, New York presents a complex mix of energy needs and market dynamics. As one of the most deregulated states, energy companies like ours operate within a mosaic of municipal utilities, investor-owned utilities, and regulatory bodies.

Navigating this landscape requires expertise in wholesale energy markets and practices. Our long-time presence in New York has equipped us to effectively participate in the NYISO wholesale market while complying with state regulations by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC). We also align our offerings with New York’s nation-leading clean energy goals. This involves providing flexible rate plans to industrial and residential customers while expanding renewable energy options like community solar. Our tailored solutions and ethical practices have earned us a reputation as a trusted energy supplier across New York.

Ohio: Supporting Energy Innovation

As one of the pioneering states for energy deregulation and retail choice, Ohio has created a robust and competitive power market centered around innovation and consumer value. New Wave Energy is an independent supplier licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio within this market. We leverage the state’s open infrastructure and policies to deliver affordable rates to homes and businesses.

Ohio’s forward-thinking approach also offers opportunities to invest in advanced energy programs. We strongly support the state’s efforts to nurture growth around renewables, efficiency incentives, and distributed generation. Our offerings align with these priorities by promoting customers’ choice of green solutions.

Pennsylvania: Harnessing Abundant Resources

Underpinned by abundant natural gas reserves, Pennsylvania has emerged as a major U.S. energy hub. With over 100 active Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs), the state’s energy marketplace provides residents and businesses with various competitive suppliers and rate plans.

Within this landscape, New Wave Energy leverages Pennsylvania’s extensive infrastructure and pro-deregulation policies to deliver cost-effective electricity and gas services across the state. Our licensed supplier activities strictly follow consumer protection guidelines enforced by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC). We additionally align our offerings with the state’s push towards utilizing in-state generation and expanding alternative energy adoption. This includes offering customers options for purchasing solar, wind, and other renewable energy. Our responsive and ethical services embody Pennsylvania’s best energy reliability, affordability, and sustainability practices.

Washington D.C.: Powering Economic and Political Activity

As the nerve center of American governance and policy-making, Washington D.C.’s energy footprint spans iconic federal buildings, major commercial hubs, and urban residential areas. This amalgam of users relies on the District’s energy grid and distribution infrastructure serviced by regulated utility Pepco.

New Wave Energy offers licensed retail electricity supply plans within this system to D.C. customers aligned with their needs and budgets. We adhere to renewable portfolio standards the D.C. Public Service Commission oversees while providing competitive rate alternatives. Our market expertise and ethical approach in D.C. fuse affordability, quality service, and sustainability.